Saturday, May 31, 2014

Look what I've got to look forward to...

Man, I've got several books to start reading and have no idea when I'm seriously going to get through them! We had a book sale and some discounts so I bought them on the cheap and stored them up. Now I'm beginning to wonder what's inside and the stories and adventures that I've been keeping hidden on my bookshelf.

Question is, where should I start?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trying to get into the swing of things

Ever since I completed Jules Verne's "A Journey to the Centre of the Earth" I have been really lazy to pick up another book. And I'm not sure why.

I mean, I really enjoyed reading my last book and I felt like I was back being a bookworm again. I really couldn't wait to get started on the next novel.

But I read the Prologue from James Rollins' "Map of Bones" and haven't touched it again since. It always seems so difficult to get started with a book, but once I do, I can get lost in it.

Laptops, ipads, facebook and blogs take up more time than they should. I need to get back into a book . . .

Friday, November 1, 2013

Book Review: "A Journey to the Centre of the Earth" by Jules Verne


I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of Jules Verne's "A Journey to the Centre of the Earth."

A very well-written book, told from the point of view of Henry, Professor Hardwigg's nephew. They embark on a journey which sees them enter the crater of Mount Sneffels in Iceland, roam around in the interior of the earth, before exiting out of another volcano crater in Italy.

The story revolves almost exclusively around three main characters: 1) Professor Hardwigg - mineralogist, obstinate, determined, maybe a little crazy but ultimately right; 2) Henry - the Professor's nephew, analytical, level-headed; 3) Hans, the Icelandic guide who accompanies the Professor and Henry on their journey. Hans is perfectly disciplined, reserved and an immaculate handyman.

The characters compliment each other nicely and the narrative and dialogue flows smoothly throughout the story.

The three characters endure a few fascinating encounters with different sorts of weather and environment conditions below the earth, along with huge plants and animals and seas. The most interesting part of the story for me also turned out to be the most frustrating. 

Professor Hardwigg and Henry discover a cemetery of human bones and see in the distance another HUMAN living in the interior of the earth. Disappointingly for the reader, they freaked out and ran away and nothing more was mentioned of this. It seems that Jules Verne had this immense idea and then kind of backed out of it, and didn't quite know what to do from henceforth.

After that encounter the story rapidly closed up right at the time when I was just getting in to it and expecting the three of them to find a way to the very centre of the earth.

One more thing that irritated me was their exit from underground to ground level. Henry kind of passed out as they were accelerating on a man-made raft balancing on rushing lava, so as he is the one telling the story, he wrote how he didn't remember anything after passing out until they were lying on the side of a volcano in Italy! Man, that frustrated me so bad!

But nevertheless, it was a great read, very worthwhile and I definitely recommend this classic if you haven't as yet opened up its pages and joined the great adventure it is.

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