Sunday, May 1, 2011

Missing Dan Brown

I've not read any of Dan Brown's books for quite some time now. I had started reading The Da Vinci Code with an older English student, but he's since stopped tuition class due to work demands and little time.

The last I read was The Lost Symbol, which wasn't as good as The Da Vinci Code, and due to the enormity of the latter, The Lost Symbol came across as quite disappointing. If The Da Vinci Code didn't exist, I'm sure The Lost Symbol would be a spectacular novel. It was an interesting story revolving around the Masons, even if the final ending of the novel was a little deflating.

I wonder when his next book will be finished? What is he working on now? How long will we have to wait this time? I'm hoping for a blockbuster to follow after The Lost Symbol. But no doubt that takes time.

In the meantime I think I need to start reading Dan Brown again. Which of his novels should I dip into???

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