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G for Grail

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G is for Grail

""The legend of the Holy Grail is a legend about royal blood. When Grail legend speaks of 'the chalice that held the blood of Christ' . . . it speaks, in fact, of Mary Magdalene - the female womb that carried Jesus' royal bloodline."
The words seemed to echo across the ballroom and back before they fully registered in Sophie's mind. Mary Magdalene carried the royal bloodline of Jesus Christ? "But how could Christ have a bloodline unless . . . ?" She paused and looked at Langdon.
Langdon smiled softly. "Unless they had a child."
Sophie stood transfixed.
"Behold," Teabing proclaimed, "the greatest cover-up in human history. Not only was Jesus Christ married, but He was a father. My dear, Mary Magdalene was the Holy Vessel. She was the chalice that bore the royal bloodline of Jesus Christ. She was the womb that bore the lineage, and the vine from which the sacred fruit sprang forth!"

- from The Da Vinci Code, chapter 58

Leonardo Da Vinci's painting, "The Last Supper" in which the figure to the left of Jesus looks feminine, and with Jesus, forms the chalice symbol, a downward pointing arrow (V), which many scholars have interpreted to be in fact, Mary Magdalene.

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Jennifer Hawes said...

I enjoyed the Da Vinci Code movies. I hate to admit it, but I haven't read his novels. :( Shame on me!

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