Friday, April 10, 2015

I for Illuminati

Posting the A-Z of Dan Brown's books through his words, characters, places and more. Welcome to the A-Z April 2015 challenge...

I is for Illuminati

""If you don't mind my asking, Robert, how did you get involved with the Illuminati?"
Langdon thought back. "Actually, it was money."
Vittoria looked disappointed. "Money? Consulting, you mean?"
Langdon laughed, realizing how it must have sounded. "No, money as in currency." He reached in his pants pocket and pulled out some money. He found a one-dollar bill. "I became fascinated with the cult when I first learned that U.S. currency is covered with Illuminati symbology.""

- from Angels and Demons, chapter 31

A U.S. one-dollar bill featuring the Illuminati pyramid and all-seeing eye

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